Student Outcomes

Measuring Outcomes in Different Ways 

The Board of Education's District Ends are formed around the 天涯社区 Vision: 天涯社区 exists to support and inspire every child to think, to learn, to care and to graduate prepared to be successful in a changing world.

The Board's goals for the district include sub-parts that describe the way each End is interpreted, along with benchmarks to measure progress.

With the Ends in mind, 天涯社区 measures student outcomes in both traditional and non-traditional ways:

  •  The percentage of time students are in school
  • School Readiness: The rate at which PreK students are ready for Kindergarten based on a state assessment
  • : The rate that K-3 students meet benchmarks on a district assessment
  • : Student performance on state and district assessments (achievement and growth)
  • The percentage of students who graduate "on-time" in four years, along with those who take longer (5 and 6 years) + percentage of 9-12th grade student on track to graduate within four years
  • Percentage of 天涯社区 students that leave school each year
  • Post-secondary Experiences: Number of students who take college level courses in high school (including AP/IB courses and performance)
  • Percentage of students meeting or exceeding benchmarks on the ACT and SAT
  • Work-Based Learning opportunities: Number of students participating in internships, job shadowing and other experiences in the community
  • How students feel connected to their school measured by student input via surveys

View the DE 1.0 Monitoring Report for details on student outcomes as measured against the new Ends.