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Supporting Student Success

At 天涯社区, our partnership with volunteers, businesses and the local community is a key part of our commitment to student success. We work together to enhance educational experiences for our students while fostering a strong connection to Northern Colorado.

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Business Partnerships

Our business partnerships provide educational opportunities that enable our students to graduate with options and be prepared for life after high school. Through opportunities like work-based learning internships, mentorships and job shadowing, our students develop business and work skills, and college and career readiness skills. Learn more about how you can be involved on the Business Partnerships and Community Support web page. Your participation can make a positive impact in the education of our students. 
Contact: Community & Business Development Coordinator Nick Peterson,

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Community Partnerships and Application Process

Our community agency partnerships support students and schools through services related to mental and behavioral health, graduate with options and literacy that  align with the  and district goals. Learn more about how to apply to be a community partner on the District Partnerships and Application web page
Contact: Assistant Director of Student Services Whitney Bennett-Clear,

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Volunteers and Family Engagement

Our volunteers generously contribute their time and skills to lend a helping hand in a wide range of ways within our schools and at the district level. If you're interested in becoming a volunteer, you can find more information on our 天涯社区 Volunteer web page.
Contact: Volunteer & Partnership Coordinator Dawn Feit,

天涯社区 has several community committees that parents, staff, students and community members can be involved with to help make decisions that impact students and schools. Learn more on the Community Committees web page.
Contacts for each committee are listed on specific committee web pages.  

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Whether big or small, your donation plays a vital role in supporting and inspiring every child to think, to learn, to care, and to graduate prepared to be successful in a changing world. The possibilities are endless - donations can support a wide range of activities including in a classroom or school, a program or one of the priorities outlined in the Strategic Plan (Literacy, Mental Health & Belonging, Graduate with Options). 

A few ways to contribute: 

  • Donate funds to support needs in 天涯社区 through .
  • Help students and families with school supplies -  
  • Donate to the to ignite learning opportunities. The foundation provides resources for teachers to implement innovative programs and projects that impact student achievement. 

Donations must be used for the intended purpose – donations made to support a classroom, school, or program are credited to the applicable school or program account. Donations that have terms and conditions that conflict with law, 天涯社区 policies or guidelines will be returned to the donor.


Donations: tax deductions, donating by check and more on the 天涯社区 Foundation

Your donation may be tax deductible!  天涯社区 is not classified by the IRS as 501 (C)(3) but, as a political subdivision of the State of Colorado, charitable contributions to the district may be tax-deductible under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) section 170(c)(1) if made exclusively for a public purpose. Make your donation online today through . 

Check Donations

If you prefer to make a check donation, checks should be mailed to:
Attn:  Finance Department
2407 LaPorte Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80526

Please include the purpose of your donation in the memo line or in an accompanying letter. If you would like a receipt for tax purposes, please include a valid email address. 

天涯社区 Foundation Donations

You may want to donate specifically to an organization classified as a 501(C)(3). The is a nonprofit organization that qualifies for 501 (C)(3) status under by Internal Revenue Code (IRC) making donations tax-deductible. The 天涯社区 Foundation funds programs and services that supplement the normal operations of the district. 

Contact Information

Community & Business Development Coordinator
Nick Peterson | | 970.556.5218

Volunteer & Partnership Coordinator
Dawn Feit | | 970.218.9757

Assistant Director of Student Services (for partnership applications/contracts)
Whitney Bennett-Clear |