Health Services for Students

天涯社区 nurses together.

天涯社区 nurses and health technicians (pictured above) provide health services to students according to and as directed by the 天涯社区 Board of Education. 

Health records are maintained by schools, kept in Synergy and the student's cumulative health folder. 

If your child has a health need that requires support during the school day or if you have questions or concerns, please contact your school’s nurse and health technician.

About School Nurses

In 天涯社区, 19 school nurses serve all schools and programs in the district with each nurse serving two to seven schools. They support 天涯社区 families and staff by:

  • Collaborating with students, parents, guardians, school staff, medical providers, and administration to provide optimum school health for every student.
  • Training school staff (health technicians, teachers, paraprofessionals, coaches) with ongoing supervision on nursing procedures, administration of medications, emergency plans, etc.
  • Teaching CPR/AED/First Aid, Narcan administration, use of Epi pens, and other classes to school staff.

Education: District nurses have a bachelor's degree in nursing. Many 天涯社区 nurses also have a masters degree.


About Health Technicians

Each school has a health tech who provides daily care for students that may include:

  • Administration of medications
  • Care for minor injuries and wounds
  • Illness monitoring
  • Communicating with parents, guardians and school nurses as necessary

School nurses delegate to health techs according to the

Beginning in the 2023-24 school year, two additional health tech on special assignment positions will assist with training, coaching, and collaboration with the 天涯社区 Integrated Services Department.


The Foundation of Our Care

Our Values:  Compassion, Empathy, Teamwork, Integrity and Equity

Our Vision:  All students are striving for their optimal health and wellness, creating positive connections, and preparing for success in a changing world.

Our Mission:  Through evidence-based school nurse practice, collaboration, and advocacy, we promote a safe and healthy environment in the school setting.


Contact Information

Health Services Coordinator
Kim Lowe | | 970.490.3388

Nurses and Health Techs at Schools