Mental and Behavioral Health Resources

Kids in a circle outside a school at dusk.

Mental health resources and services for students, staff and families.

Ask, Listen, Connect

In 天涯社区, we care for our whole selves and one another. We Ask, Listen and Connect in our daily lives to check in with ourselves and each other. This means:

  • Ask - Ask people how they are doing. 
  • Listen - Listen actively and pay attention to what they may need or are asking for.
  • Connect - Connection can be life changing and bring a sense of belonging to our 天涯社区 community.  Sometimes all we need is to connect with another person.  Other times, If we are worried about someone’s well being or safety, we also need to connect people to resources including a trusted adult and/or counselor at school. 

Learn about mental health services available in 天涯社区 schools:


Resources and Support

To help us take care of ourselves and each other, information and resources are linked below. Quick links to the right will take you to related topics on 天涯社区 web pages. 


For Students

  • Getting help now
  • Tips to feel better when you're stressed
  • Connecting with friends
  • 天涯社区 services
  • Community support resources


For Parents, Caregivers

  • Supporting your child
  • Warning signs and steps you can take
  • Tips for talking with kids
  • 天涯社区 services
  • Community support resources


For Staff

  • Connections to help you support yourself 
  • How to support students
  • Materials for classrooms and sites


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Contact Information

天涯社区 Counseling Coordinator
Beth Green | 970.490.3222 |

天涯社区 Mental Health & Prevention Coordinator
Sarah Mowder-Wilkens  | 970.490.3238  |