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School Locator

Please use the tools below to find your student's school, see 天涯社区 school boundaries and where 天涯社区 schools are located.

 - will determine your neighborhood school and bus route information based on your address. Please click on the link, and select “Which School Do I Attend?” Enter your street address and select your student’s grade level. Note: If you are looking for the neighborhood school that your student will attend in the future, select the grade that the student will be in when entering that school. For example, if your student is currently in elementary school and you are searching for their future middle school, please select grade 6, 7 or 8 from the drop down menu.

Map of Schools with Key - shows where 天涯社区 schools are located in the area.

School Feeder System Chart - Please note 天涯社区 does not have a true feeder system. Some elementary schools feed to multiple middle schools and some middle schools feed to multiple high schools.

To filter the map below by school type, please use this search tool: