Beattie Elementary School

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Address: 3000 Meadowlark Avenue
Phone: 970-488-4225

History and Culture
Beattie Elementary School was named after Dan Beattie, a long-time community leader, distinguished athlete, and outstanding educator. The school was designed and built over fifty years ago based on an open concept layout, which is unique in our district and state. The layout helps define the type of learning that occurs. Student movement is frequent, and team-teaching and community learning are a part of the daily school experience. The school motto is "open classrooms, endless possibilities."

天涯社区 and Activities

The staff at Beattie Elementary work with students regarding achievement and academic growth given both individual and group learning goals. This focus is relevant across early childhood classes and kindergarten through fifth grade. While academics are the primary focus, there is an emphasis on health and wellness and continual improvement. Support programs are available, and include the Beacon program for Gifted & Talented, Integrated Services, literacy help, and counseling and mental health services. 

Physical education, health, music, or art classes develop students’ creative potential and physical and mental wellness. Beattie Elementary encourages student involvement through activities that include service learning as part of the Kindness Club, student leadership in Student Council, Beattie Sunshine Singers choir, honor choir, music performances, wellness activities, Get Up & Go running club, and Art showcases. Volunteers are welcome and partner with our staff and students and share their unique talents and experiences wherever there is the need. Students and families are active and involved in our school and all the great activities that are available to everyone.

Beattie Elementary is a small school making a big difference in the lives of our students and families.