Fort Collins Montessori School

Address: 1109 W. Harmony Road, Fort Collins 80526
Phone: 970-631-8612

History and Culture
Fort Collins Montessori School opened in 2014 as the first public Montessori option for elementary school in Fort Collins. Our program includes a tuition-based preschool within our primary classrooms and continues up through the 4th grade. Our intention is to add a grade each year up to 9th grade.

The concepts of the “whole-child”, “mixed-age groupings”, family involvement, and community are integral to this educational approach and are keystones at Fort Collins Montessori School. These philosophical and educational concepts involve engaging the intellectual, physical,
emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of each person in a setting with younger and older students working and learning together in community. At Fort Collins Montessori School children are given the opportunity to work in a prepared learning environment in which highly trained Montessori teachers assist each child’s academic and social development. Our school creates an atmosphere in which children are intrinsically motivated, enthusiastic, responsible, committed life-long learners who exhibit an undeniable personal strength in their knowledge of self at each stage of their growth and development.

天涯社区 and Activities
Our program strives to be a Classic Montessori program, within the public environment of a charter school. Our students have the opportunity to participate in many extra-curricular activities through our after school programming including foreign languages, chess, choir, and other clubs.