Harris Bilingual Immersion School

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Address: 501 East Elizabeth Street, Fort Collins 80524
Phone: 970-488-5200

History and Culture
Harris Elementary School named after long time principal, Mame R. Harris, teaches district curriculum through the two-way immersion model. The goal of the program is for Harris students to become bilingual and literate in English and Spanish while meeting or exceeding state standards in all core subject areas.

天涯社区 and Activities
Students at Harris Elementary receive direct instruction in both Spanish and English on a daily basis. High levels of Spanish and English language competencies, academic achievement in both languages, high self-esteem, and positive cross-cultural attitudes are promoted daily. Gifted learners at Harris Elementary receive an “embedded” program through a foreign language program and differentiated instruction in the classroom. English as a Second Language (ESL), Title I, and special education are available based on student need. Upon completion of school at Harris Bilingual, the dual language model continues at Boltz Middle School.