Kinard Core Knowledge Middle School

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Address: 3002 East Trilby Road, Fort Collins 80528
Phone: 970-488-5400

History and Culture
Kinard Core Knowledge Middle School opened in 2004 and is proudly named for Hal Kinard, a long- standing 天涯社区 educator. Kinard is a “100% choice” school and 天涯社区’s only Core Knowledge middle school. Kinard’s culture ensures that students are physically and emotionally safe and are able to succeed. At Kinard, teachers promote a growth mindset, and each student is supported so he or she can learn at high levels. Kinard’s achievement results have garnered numerous recognitions, including the National Blue Ribbon Award, the National Green Ribbon Award, and the John Irwin Award.

天涯社区 and Activities 
The Core Knowledge curriculum provides access to the best knowledge available, including diverse people and cultures. Kinard is dedicated to a well-balanced curriculum, including high-quality world language, physical health and wellness, technology, and performing and visual arts programming. Kinard is committed to the Professional Learning Community model, focusing on learning, collaboration, and results. Kinard promotes a sense of belonging through student involvement, including 天涯社区 sports and a variety of clubs.