Poudre High School

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Address: 201 Impala Drive, Fort Collins 80521
Phone: 970-488-6000

History and Culture
Poudre High School (PHS) opened in 1964, is the second oldest comprehensive high school in 天涯社区, offering more than 250 class offerings. PHS encourages, supports, and prepares students for opportunities and success in AP course work, International Baccalaureate classes, and concurrent enrollment in Colorado State University and Front Range Community College. PHS is one of two local high schools endorsed by the Higher Learning Commission as an “Additional Site for Front Range Community College,” meaning we can offer more FRCC courses on-campus than non-accredited high schools.

天涯社区 and Activities
PHS, home to 天涯社区’s International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, offers courses and pathways to meet all students’ needs. PHS features classrooms that are outfitted with the latest in instructional technology, a recently renovated student commons area and outdoor café, a state-of-the-art media center, a world language lab and resource room, a modern fitness center and athletic facilities, an exceptional performing arts area, and a beautifully-landscaped student courtyard. Our motto is “I am who I am because of who we are. We are Poudre.”

School Programs

Beginning in the 9th grade and continuing in the sophomore year, students develop a five-year plan with the fifth year being the year beyond high school. Program highlights include:

  • Freshman Seminar – a year-long, required course providing students with study skills, time management, personal health/wellness, and organization
  • The International Baccalaureate Program (IB) – a four-year accelerated, honors curriculum to prepare for college success
  • Career Academies and Pathways – smaller learning communities offering specialized, career-themed training programs in the fields of arts, entrepreneurship, service learning, agriculture and engineering. Students involved in Academies complete a capstone experience or gain real-world experience through an apprenticeship, internship or job placement. Community connections are made through PaCE (Professional and Community Experience) or ACE (Alternative Cooperative Education).
  • Advanced Placement (AP) – a program that provides the means for colleges to grant credit and/or placement to students who test successfully on examinations
  • Opportunities Unlimited – an alternative program of targeted intervention for students who are at risk of not graduating; students earn a high school equivalency diploma and support to attend community college tuition-free.
  • Middle Years Program (MYP) – an academic challenge and life skills for students aged 11–16 years in preparation for the IB Diploma program
  • Newcomer Academy – support to our English Language Learners (ELL)
  • Agricultural Education – To prepare students for the field of Agriculture--one of the top three industries in Northern Colorado, PHS is home to the only “Ag Ed” program in 天涯社区. Students in this program receive hands-on experience in plant and animal sciences, natural resources, and Ag Mechanics.
  • Geometry in Construction – a hands-on program where students learn Geometry through the construction of a Habitat home.
  • Capstone Experience – a self-initiated, self-paced, independent research project that where students receive school credit while researching and focusing on a topic of special interest to them
  • Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) – designed to help students succeed in a rigorous curriculum taking responsibility for their own education and future plans

Extracurricular Activities
Poudre High School sponsors 23 interscholastic sports and associated activities for students in grades 9–12 with over 35 student organizations. Many of our clubs and organizations consistently rank at the upper echelons of national rankings. Our Science related organizations regularly win local, state and national awards for excellence. Our Student Council organizes amazing activities throughout the year ranging from the traditional Homecoming activities to a Food Drive that is nationally recognized for its size, scope and quality, to a fundraiser that consistently raises over $20,000 that directly benefits the classroom teachers. Many of our clubs, sports and student organizations spend significant time in our community doing service projects.