Ridgeview Classical School

      Front of Ridgeview school.

Address: 1800 South Lemay Avenue, Fort Collins 80525
Phone: 970-494-4620



Philosophy and Culture 

 Ridgeview Classical Schools is a K-12 classical, liberal arts charter school designed to educate the whole student. Much of the elementary school program is a modified version of the Core Knowledge sequence that builds a strong foundation for our upper school curriculum. Ridgeview employs teachers with subject-specific degrees and offers specialized training prior to every school year to ensure that students are exposed to faculty who are passionate masters of their disciplines. By teaching students how to think, not what to think, we aim to create individuals ready to become active, responsible members of our community.

 天涯社区 and Activities 

  • Elementary (K–6): In addition to general education classes, programs include integrated character education, an explicit phonics program, cursive handwriting instruction, ability grouping in reading and mathematics, grammar and composition, Latin and Greek languages, art and music appreciation, martial arts, and physical education.
  • Intermediate (7-8): In addition to core classes, we teach a full sequence of grammar, formal logic, and rhetoric classes. Elective choices include band, choir, orchestra, physical education, robotics, computer technology and martial arts. Ridgeview is a member of the NCIL and offers numerous sports throughout the year.  
  • High School (9-12): The core curriculum familiarizes students with the classics of the Western tradition and emphasizes reading complete works and primary sources. All students are required to study Latin and may also study modern languages taught by native speakers. Electives include many options in performing arts, physical education, computer technology, history, literature, and philosophy. Extracurricular activities range from performing arts to rock climbing and leadership to STEM. 

All K-12 students participate in the Outdoor Program as well as a physical education program designed to emphasize the relationship between physical health and mental well-being. These programs have a positive effect on students’ self-confidence, empathy, and leadership abilities. The outdoor trips are designed to foster curiosity about the world around them and to develop resilience in the face of adversity.