Shepardson STEM Elementary School

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Address: 1501 Springwood Drive, Fort Collins 80525
Phone: 970-488-4525

History and Culture
Shepardson Elementary School, opened in 1978, was named for educator Margaret Shepardson. Shepardson believes in adjusting learning activities to address individual learning needs, styles, and interests.

天涯社区 and Activities
At Shepardson inquiry-based learning is fostered through the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), along with the inclusion of arts and wellness. Reading, writing, and math, coupled with creative and critical thinking skills are strengthened as Shepardson encourages students with diverse needs to be engaged and motivated to learn at high levels. 

Programs at Shepardson provide collaborative experiences and expect students to apply skills in unexpected situations. Within a diverse student population, accommodations, remediation, and extensions are made in the classroom where students learn naturally to value differences
in others.

Some of the many extended learning options include academic skill support, an extensive after-school enrichment program, peer mediators, student council, Lego Robotics teams, and academic bees.