Charter Schools

Charter School Policy and Applications

A charter school operates under a charter (a contract) between the charter school and its authorizer, either a local school district or the Colorado Charter School Institute.

天涯社区 policy regarding charter schools: LBD--Charter Schools Policy.

Deadline for filing applications:  August 15 of the year prior to the proposed opening date.

"Letter of Intent to Apply" -  This Letter of Intent to Apply must be submitted to the Board of Education no later than 30 calendar days prior to submission of the charter application. The "Letter of Intent to Apply" should include the date the charter intends to submit their application and a brief summary of the charter.

The 天涯社区 Charter Application Review Handbook guides applicants to prepare charter school applications and provides standards for the 天涯社区 Board of Education and administration to use in evaluating charter school applications. An applicant's compliance with the handbook standards does not guarantee approval of the charter school application. Under the Colorado Constitution, the 天涯社区 Board of Education has final approval.

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