Intergovernmental Agreements

Land Dedication Agreements

Colorado state statute allows municipalities, through land dedication agreements, to require developers to either dedicate a portion of land to school districts for the development of new schools or pay a fee in lieu of land dedication. Fees in lieu of land dedication are collected by the municipalities and put into an account administered by the district's Finance Department. As stated in the land dedication agreement, these funds are used for "the purposes of school site acquisition, expansion or development, or for capital facilities planning."

The 天涯社区 currently has land dedication agreements with the City of Fort Collins, the Town of Windsor, and the Town of Wellington. 

As part of these agreements, land is dedicated or fees are paid by developers based on planning standards adopted by the Board of Education. These planning standards take into consideration such factors as: student yields from the proposed development, enrollment capacities, site acreage requirements, and developed land costs. These standards are included in the agreement as Exhibits A & B. Land dedications or payments-in-lieu are used to insure that future school sites are strategically located to respond to growth trends. The following links will take you to a copy of each agreement:

Fees In-Lieu of Land

The City of Fort Collins and the Town of Windsor collect fees in-lieu of land dedication and remit the funds to the district’s Finance Department. Fees in-lieu of land dedication related to the Town of Wellington are remitted directly to the District’s Finance Department by the developers. At the time of payment, the District issues a Building Permit Certificate for School Fees-In-Lieu of Land Dedication.

Building Permit Receipt for Fees In-Lieu of Land Dedication Wellington.

Planning Agreements

The 天涯社区 currently has a planning agreement with the City of Fort Collins.  This agreement outlines the relationship between the City and School District as it relates to new construction and major additions to school facilities.  Although the School District is required to permit construction through the State of Colorado rather than local jurisdictions, this agreement allows the School District and the City to work together to insure the project considers City planning standards. A copy of the original agreement can be found at the following link:

天涯社区 considers the planning and management for future school sites to be as important as the commitment it has made towards the design, maintenance and operation of current facilities.